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Curing the Incurable: ATTENTION EVERYONE



Please take a minute to SIGN THIS PETITION against MAXIM, who recently posted an article on their website titled “5 Diseases We Wouldn’t Mind Having”, where they highlight chronic conditions that are “cool” and/or “good to have.”

The articles…

Don’t forget the one about how to turn cure a feminist. Click here

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    “UPDATE: We’re complete assholes. After seeing all the comments posted below and learning more about the debilitating...
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    Yeah fuck you Maxim. I know you apologized, but you could have used google for five minutes before hand. The whole...
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    Don’t forget the one about how to turn cure a feminist. Click here
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    They recanted EDS…what about the others?
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    (Disclaimer: I have a minor case of Ehlers Danlos) I’m not going to defend Maxim, but this sort of thing helps them. In...
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    "We’re complete assholes." Yeah, we all agree. But taking down one condition and leaving up the other four doesn’t make...
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    Well, they took down the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome stuff and apologized, but what about the rest?? WTF, this is just an...
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    stay classy, maxim
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    Oh my fucking god.
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    not certain why they think a piddly little sorry will do. This whole incident reeks of people who have never been taken...
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    Sure, they edited it and deleted one of the diseases that turned out “not to be so great to have.” But really? The whole...
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    They’ve updated it to remove Ehlers-Danlos but there are still 4 other conditions up there and I can’t imagine how...
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    They should publicly apologize and make donations to every single foundation of the diseases. I can’t even believe they...
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    I applaud them to changing it to 4 and using it to promote awareness. Thanks for not being jerks, Maxim! :D
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    QUOTE TIME! Congenital Analgesia (a.k.a. You Can’t Feel Pain) Because the person can’t feel any pain, they often...
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    One disease has already been taken down due to someone contacting them, though they’re real assholes about being...
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